Dark Souls

Issue #3

$3.99 - The world was formless and gray, forever shrouded in fog. Then came the First Flame – which ushered in the Age of Fire, bringing with it life and death, good and evil, and the Hollows, lost creatures who faded into undeath as they slowly lost their humanity. Whenever the Flame fades, and darkness threatens to overtake the world, it is the duty of the mighty Lords of Cinder to link the Flame and keep the light of life burning. Many Lords of Cinder have come and gone, starting the cycle of life and death once more. Now, one of the Lords of Cinder refuses his duty, and the task falls to a lowly band of Hollow to usher in a new age…

35 pages


Rating: 17+


Single Issue

Released Apr 3, 2024 by Titan Comics