Critical Role

Graphic Novel: The Mighty Nein Origins--Beauregard Lionett

$10.99 - DESPITE HER ORIGINS WITH A "GOOD FAMILY," BEAUREGARD LIONETT'S PENCHANT FOR TROUBLEMAKING WAS LEGENDARY. Frustrated with her father's superstitious and controlling manner, Beau begins secretly selling the family vineyard's wine to buyers around Wildemount. When her father discovers her criminal pastimes, his rage turns him against his own daughter—and turns her towards a life with the Mighty Nein! Join Critical Role cast members Marisha Ray and Matthew Mercer as they come together with writer Mae Catt, artist Guilherme Balbi, and colorist Diana Sousa to illuminate Beauregard Lionett's tumultuous beginnings.

60 pages


Rating: 17+


Graphic Novel

Released May 15, 2024 by Dark Horse