Graphic Novel: Last Seen After Midnight

$16.99 - In a neglected area of Luneta Park, a man is found strangled by the weeds and vines. Across town, a murdered manananggal is about to spark a supernatural gang war. Over at the university, a strange illness is driving college students mad with despair. At the harbor, demons have gathered to watch the country’s greatest boxer fight for his very soul. Foul play. Magic spells. Supernatural criminals. When the case takes a turn for the weird, the police call Alexandra Trese. Trese Vol 4: Last Seen After Midnight contains 4 stories from the case files of Al-exandra Trese: 1. CADENA DE AMOR 2. A PRIVATE COLLECTION 3. WANTED: BEDSPACER 4. FIGHT OF THE YEAR Each features updated/remastered artwork, as well as bonus material, including Alexandra’s journal entries chronicling her creature encounters and more.

136 pages


Rating: 17+


Graphic Novel

Released Apr 27, 2022 by ABLAZE