Vol. 1

$14.99 - Wretches is an action-packed sci-fi comic book series that, at its core, is about family and the lengths we would go to save the ones we love. Written by James E. Roche and illustrated by Salomon Farias. Published by Scout Comics. When the robot apocalypse destroyed their home planet, those lucky enough to survive were forced to seek refuge on the fringes of the solar system. With everything they’d ever known and loved destroyed, siblings Shea and Sean are forced to struggle to survive on the streets of an alien city, forever outrunning the horrors of their past. When it finally catches up to them, they're forced to fight for their lives, battling robot tyrants, forming shady alliances, and toppling alien drug lords, all to avoid losing the only important thing they have left, each other.

161 pages


Rating: 17+



Released Aug 19, 2020 by Scout Comics