Digital Lizards Of Doom

Vol. 1: Dizzy Doom

$12.99 - Commander E.K.O. uncovers Warty Morda’s plans for treacherous betrayal, and embarks on a quest to hunt down Dizzy Doom and unlock the dark portal. Commander E.K.O. recovers from his battle on Kragladon, only to discover that the devious witch Warty Morda, aims to betray him. Commander E.K.O. must now construct an elaborate plan to hunt down Dizzy Doom and force him to unlock the dark portal, allowing Commander E.K.O. to escape the video game universe and return to his mysterious home world. Get ready for an action-packed adventure filled with twists, laughs, and thrilling characters you will have to see to believe!

146 pages


Rating: 9+



Released Dec 5, 2023 by Papercutz