$4.99 - Life is Strange is a world of choices, in a multiverse of infinite possibilities. Forget-Me-Not takes place in a timeline much like the one you know from Life is Strange: True Colors… but with certain key differences. In this timeline, for instance, infamous Arcadia Bay residents Rachel Amber and Chloe Price fulfilled their dream of escaping to sunny California, and Max Caulfield never returned from Seattle. Here, the future is yet unwritten – and the past is full of surprises. After the death of her mother, Alex Chen was cast adrift in the foster care system, struggling for years with her ‘curse’ – the ability to sense, absorb, and even manipulate the emotions of other people, with her psychic power of Empathy. On leaving foster care, she reconnected with her older brother Gabe in the small town of Haven Springs, Colorado. When Gabe died in a mining accident, shortly after her arrival, Alex partnered with Gabe’s friend and used her growing supernatural powers to bring his killers to justice. As they brought the truth to light, Alex also grew close to, and began dating, local radio DJ and drummer Steph Gingrich. As a former resident of Arcadia Bay and student at Blackwell Academy, Steph Gingrich knows Chloe and Rachel of old. After high school, Steph left for Seattle, where she bounced around the punk scene as a drummer. It was whilst on tour with her two-piece band, Drugstore Makeup, that Steph first discovered Haven Springs – and the rest is history. After revealing the truth of Gabe’s death, Alex and Steph left town to start their own band, and are now road-tripping across the States, trying to build a name for themselves, one dive bar at a time…

35 pages


Rating: 17+


Single Issue

Released Dec 13, 2023 by Titan Comics