$12.99 - Mariko and Rem are breaking up but they have one last night together in the Mall of Portals, an inter-dimensional consumerist heaven full of unending vice, before Rem takes his new job doing data entry on the Moon of Plenty. With a couple hours to spare, no personal repercussions and entire dimensions at their fingertips — what’s the worse that could happen? This out of this world rom-com is straight out of the year 2099, but speaks to a feeling that time will never change. The fear of loss. Artist Liana Kangas and author Matthew Erman team up to create a world of lust and star dust. Find yourself navigating the human condition with the most out of this galaxy characters. Mariko Between Worlds is down to earth and completely off the wall swarming with magic portals and sexy aliens.

117 pages


Rating: 17+



Released Aug 22, 2023 by Mad Cave