$3.99 - From the stars came the Super Dimensional Fortress (SDF-1), a massive starship that crash landed on Macross Island – bringing the miraculous science of Robotechnology to Earth. However it also brought the Zentraedi, a powerful race of aliens who would stop at nothing to reclaim the SDF-1 for their overlords, known as the Robotech Masters. As the war raged across the solar system, the human forces under the command of Captain Henry Gloval endured many heartbreaks and hard-won victories because of his crew of heroes: chief among them ace fighter pilot Roy Fokker, his younger brother Rick Hunter, and Gloval’s trusted XO, Lisa Hayes. Unexpectedly, a young singer named Lynn Minmei became a symbol for peace and hope for both humans and Zentraedi alike, as the two species began to realize that they were not so different as they thought. The First Robotech War ended, with the destruction of the SDF-1, and its sister ship the SDF-2, at the hands of the mad Zentraedi tyrant Khyron during his infamous suicide attack. Now a legendary hero who lost nearly everything during the war, Rick Hunter must face a new threat rising from the ashes of history, and take to the skies once more…

34 pages


Rating: 12+


Single Issue

Released Apr 3, 2024 by Titan Comics