Ablaze Artist Spotlight

Omnibus: Bastien Vivès

$34.99 - ABLAZE is spotlighting some of the incredible creatives under our banner with specially priced collections of their extraordinary works! With our BASTIEN VIVES collection, receive two hardcover volumes that speak to the artist’s mastery of poignance, tenderness, and expression. In A SISTER: Antoine, 13 years old, is on holiday at the seaside with his parents and his younger brother, Titi. Both spend most of their time drawing, at restaurants and on the beach. One night, Antoine discovers another person lying in their bedroom. Hélène is 16 years old; she and her mother came to spend a few days and her presence and behavior will change Antoine's life. In THE BLOUSE: Séverine, a student of Classical Literature, is neither beautiful, ugly, brilliant, nor mediocre. The young woman lives a banal existence, without brilliance but without drama, alongside a companion who pays her less attention than a television series or video game. One day, however, she is given a silk blouse that will mysteriously change her life…

420 pages


Rating: 17+



Released Feb 14, 2024 by ABLAZE