Ablaze Artist Spotlight

Omnibus: Manix Abrera

$22.99 - ABLAZE is proud to present two outstanding graphic novels by acclaimed Filipino cartoonist and three-time National Book Awardee Manix Abrera. With his “silent” storytelling, dependent on illustration to direct story and movement, Abrera truly demonstrates the heart and soul of the comics medium. This digital omnibus comes to you at a special price. In “12,” Abrera tells twelve genuinely touching stories, each story with its own charm and intriguing twists – a young man spends his entire life searching for answers but shock awaits when he finally gets that eureka moment; someone finds love that unexpectedly finds somebody else; two men argue over who goes first on an escalator; a mother and daughter fight over a cockroach; a drunk man urinates on a tree and gets a big surprise – making you wonder how these mundane plots can turn out so bizarrely, prompting you to reflect and crave for more! In “14,” a man who mysteriously discovers a 13th floor in his building and finds himself in the middle of a storytelling session among different mythological creatures of Philippine folklore. Together with a partying crowd of supernatural beings, he listens to stories narrated by creatures such as the Manananggal, Diwata, Tikbalang, Kapre, Tiyanak, and even by a White Lady and a Doppelganger.

348 pages


Rating: 17+



Released Apr 24, 2024 by ABLAZE