$6.99 - Returning to school after the tragic disappearance of her mother, Jill Estrada can’t wait for things to go back to normal. But how attainable is normal when all your friends are obsessed with the latest subscription craze, Box Killers—a game where each month’s “unsolved case” is specifically tailored to its subscriber?  Jill signs up hoping it’ll fix her broken friendships, but as she and her friends dig deeper into the evidence sent to them, they begin to realize everything within the box is actually a clue to a very real series of disappearances that occurred right there in their town! When yet another person goes missing, Jill and her friends must overcome their growing differences and band together to solve the unsolvable . . . before it’s too late.  Enter the world of Jill and the Box with this exciting, double-sized first issue!

48 pages


Rating: 17+


Single Issue

Released Jan 31, 2024 by Oni Press