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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Have questions or feedback for us?

[email protected]

I'm missing books in my library! Oh no!

It's ok! This is an Apple thing with purchases and devices. Make sure you're logged into the app. Open Settings → Restore Purchases. Leave your app open as restoring happens. This may take several minutes to finish. Your books will appear in your library afetrwards. If you're still having a problem or this is happening on Android, let us know: [email protected]

Is Omnibus available internationally?

We're worldwide, except for China. It's an app store/license/contract thing.

Is this a subscription service?

Not right now. We are a pay-per-book comic shop, but on the internet!

What publisher content will be available on Omnibus?

Right now, we're beyond proud to carry ABLAZE, Ahoy, Archie Comics, Black Panel Press, BOOM! Studios, CEX, Dark Horse, Humanoids, IDW, Image, Mad Cave Studios, Oni Press, Scout Comics, Silver Sprocket, Titan, Valiant and Vault. We're adding more all the time though and will try to keep this up to date.

When will new content arrive?

For new books, we strive to be day and date. Let us know if we're missing something specific that you need: [email protected]

I'm looking for [insert publisher].

We love new publisher recommendations! Please send any that you'd like us to carry to [email protected].

I can't find [insert book or creator], but they are published by one of your publishers.

We're still receiving back catalog content from publishers. Please send what you're looking for to [email protected] and we'll see what's up.

Can I read my existing comics and PDFs in Omnibus?

Not just yet, but it doesn't mean it won't happen!

Where's the Manga?

We'll be carrying Manga eventually! Send us what you're looking for: [email protected]

Do you provide DRM-free PDF backups?

Currently all of our publishers allow backups except for ABLAZE, Dark Horse, Humanoids and Valiant. We carry as much of it DRM-free as we're allowed to by our partners. We'll build an exporter to automate the process eventually, but right now we're such a tiny team that we haven't gotten to it. Need backups? Email us at [email protected].

What does it require to run Omnibus on an iPhone/iPad?

Apple requires all new apps to run iPadOS/iOS 16, so you must be running that in order to use Omnibus.

Will it run on my iPhone/iPad XXXXX/Whatever?

Here's a list of compatible iPadOS/iOS 16 devices.

I have questions about Omnibus

Say hi! We're super friendly, love talking shop and meeting fellow nerds: [email protected]

Deleting your Omnibus Account

We'll be sad to see you go, but if it wasn't meant to be email us at: [email protected].