$4.99 - The 21st century sucks hard, but it's made somewhat tolerable by the latest and greatest media innovations. Enter the Dreamwave: the first gaming console played entirely while you sleep. The obsession of millions around the globe, it's also the one point of solace for four friends known as the “Cemetery Kids,” who spend their nights roaming the endless maps of the most brutal horror game ever created as they seek to dethrone the “King of Sleep"—the Dreamwave's biggest, baddest, and most mysterious boss.  Which was fun . . . until one of them doesn't wake up and finds their consciousness locked inside a horror game that is anything but imaginary. Now, the three remaining Cemetery Kids must navigate a forbidden landscape to rescue their friend—and pray that the secret lurking at its center doesn't follow them home.  At the farthest edge of human perception—where science fiction and horror collide—experience 2024's most exhilarating, terrifying adventure, downloading from critically acclaimed writer Zac Thompson (Hunt for the Skinwalker, The Dregs) and blockbuster artist Daniel Irizarri (XINO, Judge Dredd)!

32 pages


Rating: 17+


Single Issue

Released Feb 21, 2024 by Oni Press